One Step to Freedom | 2014 One Step to Freedom Conference
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2014 One Step to Freedom Conference

26 Feb 2014 One Step to Freedom Conference

Get ready for another awesome One Step to Freedom Conference. The date’s been locked in for March 22nd and we have an awesome worship and speaker lineup for you guys! Check out the flyer below:

Broken Handbill


Here’s some answers to questions that we get a lot…


[tab title=”What is One Step to Freedom?”]One Step to Freedom is a conference that is geared towards equipping people who are dealing with any sort of addiction the resources to conquer it. At the event you’ll be able to get information from the many organizations that are present as well as get One Step to Freedom resources. There’ll also be testimonies and live music performances. [/tab]
[tab title=”Who’re the Speakers This Year?”]This year we’ll be having Pastor Tommy Cota of Hope Alive Church in Santa Ana, Gerry Brown who founded U-Turn for Christ, as well as Ryan Ries of the Whosovers. There will also be testimonies of the way that God worked in the lives of several others.[/tab]
[tab title=”What’s the Conference Like?”]The conference begins with a time of worship then after that its broken down into several sessions with different speakers, live musical performances, and testimonies from people who have broken free from their own addictions. The main drive behind the conference though is to show people that there is hope and that they can be set free through faith in Jesus Christ.[/tab]
[tab title=”Is There Childcare?”]Yes there will be childcare provided from 9 AM – 1 PM.[/tab]

We’re looking forward to seeing what God will do this year at the conference. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for all the latest information!

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