Hands of Hope | One Step To Freedom Annual Conference
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One Step To Freedom Annual Conference

Every year Hands of Hope puts on a conference (usually sometime in April). This conference is focused on providing both resources and the encouragement to take advantage of them for both individuals, and their families, who are struggling with an addiction and other ministries or churches seeking more information or to make connections so they can better minister in their community to those who struggle.

Throughout the day different addiction ministries and organizations set up information booths that provide resources and information about their programs to those in attendance. There are also teaching seminars that are geared towards encouraging and providing methods to break the cycle of addiction and counselors present after the conference for any one who wishes to talk.

One of the major goals for this conference is to show any one struggling with any addiction whether alcohol, drugs, gambling,etc. that there is hope. And that hope lies not in a long recovery or any works that they could hope to struggle with in an attempt to gain freedom but rather in simple trust in Jesus to form the foundation for that recovery. Speakers for the 2013 conference were Mike MacIntosh (Pastor of Horizon Christian Fellowship), Gerry Brown(Founder of U-Turn for Christ), Ebo Elder(World Champion Boxer and Pastor), and Hannah Parks(evangelist/speaker) with music being provided by Soul Reformation and Family Creed.