One Step to Freedom | Pastor and Leader Instructions
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Pastor and Leader Instructions

One Step to Freedom is
a ministry to free people from the addictive practices which bind them. The only step they must take is one of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. This webpage offers biblical instruction for those in leadership to support those who desire freedom from sin. 

Purpose and Use of the Curriculum
Ministry Goals
Counseling Guidelines
Presenting the Gospel
Newcomer’s Questionnaire
Why Is Accountability Important?
Recommended Christian Rehabilitation Centers
1. How to Overcome Addiction
2. Man’s Condition
3. God’s Remedy
4. Seeking God’s Help
5. Our Confession
6. Turning Away From Sin
7. Forgiving Others
1. A Plan for Victory
2. The Cycle of Temptation
3. The Cycle of Sin
4. Put Off and Put On
5. A New Way of Thinking
1. What God Says About Addiction
2. Is Addiction A Sin?
3. Accountability Is Important
4. The Benefits of A Daily Devotion
5. How To Become Clean
1. Trials and Temptations
2. Be a Doer of God’s Word
3. Don’t Judge Others
4. Your Faith Is Revealed in Works
5. Taming Your Tongue
6. Get Godly Wisdom
7. Pride vs. Humility
8. Prayer Through Perseverance
1. What is Spiritual Warfare?
2. Tactics of the Enemy
3. The Armor of God
4. The Power of Prayer
5. Our Vulnerability
6. Victory in and Through Jesus
1. What Are the Works of the Flesh?
2. What Is the Fruit of the Spirit?
3. Love
4. Joy
5. Peace
6. Patience
7. Kindness
8. Goodness
9. Faithfulness
10. Gentleness
11. Self-Control
1. When We Are Tempted
2. No Room For Excuses
3. Treasure God’s Word
4. To Equip and Edify the Saints
5. God Is Faithful to Deliver
6. I Can Do All Things Through Christ
7. Trusting God
Want to start you’re own One Step program? You can learn more about how to get one going by watching the video below!